Friday, June 19, 2009

birthday girl at home for a change

6 weeks at home and trying not to count.Our Lily has just had a birthday at home for a change.Feels weird not going to crumlin hospital to see what the nurses have done for her again.But much happier that she can enjoy all her brother and sisters attention at home.A bit of a manic day but (i) sorry, i mean she had a ball.
Is it just me or does everybody use a childs party to have a few beers to wind down and relax.I suppose over the last 2 years we've wound down after every hospital stay with a glass of wine or two or a beer or three in my case.Im hoping that Lily doesnt keep going in from now on as her mum and dad may have to find their own hospital to dry out in.
only jokin but could easily go down that slippery slope and forget about all the troubles and responsabilities they have.
Anyway,one of these days i'll figure out how to but a picture of little miss lily on my bloggy thing and show her off to the world.(dont tell my other girls)
talk soon

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